Hey there - long time no see! It's been a fun couple of months, tons of stuff going on. I just decided to backburner the MakerSite blog for a little while.

I was inspired by the Magnetic PCB Holder that Sneakypoo (yeah, that's his(?) handle!) posted on Thingiverse... and then was honored when he agreed to share the original files with me. But then I wanted to do it very differently, so I remodeled from scratch and made this pair:

...stuck to the fridge

They're meant to hold printed circuit boards during soldering or other such work. They have strong magnets embedded in them. They're pretty sweet!

I'm not actually working on that Arduino - it was just the closest PCB at hand when photo time rolled around.

I'm realizing I haven't actually posted them on Thingiverse yet. Hmm. Gotta do that now.

Edit: okay! All Thingiversed up, good to go.

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AuthorAdan Akerman